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the Shareable Wave Frequency solutions shared in the coherent field 

Abundant Happiness and Well-being

 Every Aha moment has its Bliss Portal; scroll down if you are ready to fast-track the lifestyle you want, Naturally!
Harmony Lane

Trauma Informed Care

7 Weeks to Freedom

Guided Step-by-Step Intensive neutralizes past distortions to restore your sovereign freedom forevermore. 7th week free

Group or Personal sessions $150.00 per week x6 ~ 7th week Free 

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    Specific resonant frequencies can induce bliss and remedy any illness or pathogen distortion in the physical or subtle bodies.

Your session includes the world's most powerful BINAURAL BEAT.  Accurate by equation to pure & blissful, coherent  sacred space. (Botte, Winter and Harris)- multiple options include chakra  trigger frequencies.

This FULL BODY COHERENCE TRAINING  is unprecedented! 

Allowing real empathy & tantra heart coherence training for couples or your personal expansion, Naturally!

$150. per session  


Did you know

Scroll down to find additional services , including the ʻalways popularʻ TheraPhi, VedaPulse , Reflexology, Ancestral Reading, Reki & Aromatherapy,  Wellness Research channel on YouTube, Collaborative Research, Meditation and, a quick link to speak with your specialist.  


TheraPhi Sessions

Simply put, you can expect all aspects of your life to return to a self-organized higher order resulting in rejuvenation, increased happiness and natural day-to-day flow, with ease.

Offered both non-locally/online and in-person sessions, Theraphi is a powerful double conjugate plasma light/ infrasound bioactive field and setting of sacred space. Technically speaking it is a broad spectrum rejuvenation field which re-organizes biologic systems- including addressing pain and many health issues to bring about negentropy which is to say, a return to order. 

(.... and all without making medical claims you understand;)

 *'non-local' or 'in-person' preparation session option

*meditation option

$150.  includes feedback session


Itʻs all here waiting for you

Into the vortex we go, to merge with the shareable wave, it's our happy place.   Set your intention and I will meet you in the field. https://drshelleyevans.youcanbook.me/
Doctor of Natural Medicine DNM

Do you have questions or just wish you could speak directly with your DNM or Practitioner? 

Your personal insights and inquiries are welcome!

We have all been through alot. It's ok to share your insights and claim the wisdom of a keener intuition. Awareness is the secret to transforming your Aha moment into a Bliss portal. Are you ready for an adventure in the field of Consciousness?

Let's talk soon!

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Dr. Shelley Evans PhD, DNM, DHM

Temple of Transformations

Bliss Clinic Inc.

Additional services

Customize your path to vibrant wellbeing

Ancestral Reading

Online or in person 

What secrets are held in your DNA just waiting to be called upon, to support, inspire and uplift you? Dream interpretation, Transit analysis or simply unravelling the patterns you wish to transcend.


Reiki & Aromatherapy

Certification, attunement and personal sessions available. Reiki derives from the Japanese words - Rei which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki which is "life-force energy". Unpacking this a bit further, Reiki is resonant to "spiritually guided life force energy."  Optional inclusion of aromatherapy provides  a variety of applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function.



The Source is the same but the treatment is tailored to you. Relaxation and  insights to remedy  specific concerns; includes optional massage chair and meditation.



VedaPulse is an HRV health analysis feedback system to provide specific analysis of the “pulse of the organs”, biological energy levels and creates detailed remedies for Ayurveda, Herbal, Aromatherapy,  Nutrition and other methods.  Providing recommendations of and monitoring for, your rehabilitation of long-term and acute conditions. 


Dr. Shelley Evans

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Entertaining and Insightful discussions, interviews and current event updates regarding Wellness Research.

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  • YogAha

    ʻQuest of the Conscious Fieldʻ- by Dr. Shelley Evans,

     included in all "Education for a New Paradigm" Programs

  •  Ceremonial Leader

    From Traditional 1st Nation ceremony to Astrological Sun & Lunar Celebrations, to Wedding and special events with everything in-between.  Workshops and Instruction included, so don't be shy, Lets celebrate!



Do we have consciousness or does Consciousness have us?

If you are curious, or have insights into how consciousness expresses through water or fire, your DNA or even the stars, please join in on the fun. Leading edge technology and rigorous science makes the measurement, but we decide what it all means.


AcuLomi Temple


Within coherent certainty of Being infinite & eternal, pure principle arises, to induce the specific frequency of sacred space. AcuLomi Temple meditation utilizes universal language of light, to burn away all illusion of separation. In the field we are One, timeless and eternal.

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands, but seeing with new eyes". - Marcel Proust

"Freeing yourself was one thing; claiming ownership of that freed self, is another".- Toni Morrison

Hi I’m Dr. Shelley

HEAL HOTLINE Podcasts and Special Events 

Welcome to Heal Hotline! 
 A few of the topics that I look forward to sharing with you will cover topics from performance boosting programs to recovery from trauma, both physically and psychologically. With over 30 years’ experience in Natural Health, Education and Research, I specialize in Frequency Medicine. Both preventive and restorative, I believe this therapy to be the medicine of not only the future, but it has also served to protect and support my family, and global community with a rich history of practice and application. 
Although I specialize in Frequency Medicine, a vast range of modalities intersect this broad-spectrum remedy that may be surprisingly fun to explore. While your path to peak experience and peak performance is unique, it inevitably defines a frequency. This frequency is your distinctly personal code. Understanding this frequency code directs your return to natural abundance and freedom. Revealed in the examples of universal laws seen in Mother Nature, this Indigenous wisdom has always been held safe and IS accessible in your own DNA.
Pure Source Energy, as frequency, can be experienced via such a vast range of modalities that need only reflect your choice of comfort or curiosity. Your Freedom depends on Your Health. Understanding current events/past cycles and patterns from both personal and universal perspectives, will unlock your connection to Pure Source Energy. The future informs the past. Creating coherence is creating health.
 In fact, our conversations defining Life Science, will prompt your Memory of who we really are! 
Inspired by topics as diverse as alchemy, physics and spirituality or aspects of Ayurveda, astronomy, medicine and dream interpretation. The Source is the same but the path we explore each session, may be as diverse as you care to take it. I look forward to seeing you there!
Warmest Aloha, Dr. Shelley
https://drshelleyevans.youcanbook.me/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy-EpKcqS-Y